Rescue your music

Streaming is the very best way to listen to all digital sound!

Music Streaming is ideal for anyone that owns CDs, or a even large amount of digital music. Streaming rescues & upgrades the sound of your compact discs and downloaded music, while bringing a far more enjoyable sound to your home. No more getting up and down to hunt your collection, as the whole audio library is complete to browse at your finger tips, you can even build your favourite playlist and listen to internet radio. We make it easy for you to understand and use these new systems, and are stockists of the entire range of players from
Linn Products and Naim Audio.
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Vinyl Returns

For Glyn it never went away.

2014 has shown a boom in sales for the LP record. With the increasing demise of CDs in favour of downloaded music, vinyl has suddenly become the new cool in music ownership. For most music lovers, records have always been the definitive version of the artists recordings. This has been good news for for our resident turntable guru 'Glyn' (who has been setting up and servicing turntables for almost 30 years at The Sound Gallery), as he now enjoys a queue of regular customers wishing to resurrect their old turntables, and even more people who wish to discover the ultimate experience of vinyl from a modern day
Rega or a Linn record spinner.
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New for November

Cool products & offers.

We have the
Muso, Naim Audio's first ever all-in-one wireless music system, a new range of CM speakers from
Bowers & Wilkins, and two new fantastic Sound Gallery offers! It's going to be a busy few months for us!
But that's not all, you could be lucky and get tickets for our next in-store music

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We recommend

Album of the month.
Give your audio system a treat, the Utopia soundtrack by the brilliant Cristobal Tapia de Veer, from the intense channel 4 series. Available now on digital & limited edition vinyl. It's The Sound Gallery's hot pick for November.
The Sound Gallery was started in 1985 by music enthusiasts who desired a far better service in purchasing an audio system. Now, almost 30 years on, the same people wish to help you find the right equipment with products designed to deliver the very best from your cherished music & movie collection. We believe the right system can bring enjoyment well above your expectations! As a family run business, it gives us great pride to demonstrate and help you choose the right system, before installing it in your home. So please enjoy our website, as we hope it provides you with a small taste of what is available at our retail store.

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