Linn DS

Music on a Linn DS player simply sounds better!

Playing your favourite CD on any of the new Linn DS players will have involvement, emotion, and true depth without the brashness delivered by the medium and nature of the CD disc. In fact even the worst sounding discs will sound a mile better when played on any of the new Linn DS players. Linn's new DS components play the highest quality and most widely-used open audio formats. Your music collection (CD and downloads) is stored remotely on a secure, reliable and upgradeable networked hard drive array, from which it can be quickly and easily accessed and controlled through a hand-held wireless touch screen, PC, laptop or IR handset. Scared of the new technology? Relax, as we are perfectly trained to install and maintain all the Linn DS products, leaving the customer free to enjoy their music collection in a whole new way. At The Sound Gallery we believe that a Linn DS player is the perfect addition to any audio system, as they outperform any CD player on the market, at any cost!

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Kiko is Compact and complete, and is all you need for great sound. Works straight out the box and is simple enough for everyone to use. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing a colour. You don't have to change how you listen to music, movies or games. Just make them sound better. Whatever you’re using — iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer — we've got a Kiko for you.
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Sneaky DS is a total bargain. Add this to any music system, old or new, and stream music to your system with Linn audio quality! If you have no audio system, and do not worry as the Sneaky Music DS comes with it's very own built-in pre/power amplifier and internet radio playback facility. Add as many as you wish to drive your whole home as a multi-room sound system with class. Perfect for fitting into any home or office system, Sneaky DS can be connected directly to speakers or integrated within a hi-fi system as a dedicated source.  Available in black or silver finish.
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Majik DS
is the perfect choice to build a wonderful audio system. Designed to release the music from CD discs, or even used as a massive upgrade to those mp3 files stored on a home PC. The Linn Majik DS truly lives up to it's product name. This separate music is the perfect add-on partner for just about anyones music system. Available in black or silver finish and from stock.
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Majik DSM
has all you need to enjoy Linn sound performance in the home, with input connections that can be used for TV, games consoles, movie's and more. The Majik DSM can be the heart of a true home music system, with 100 watts per channel of true power, so all you have to do is add speakers and discover just how great music can sound. The Majik DSM even comes with a high quality turntable input good enough for an LP12.  15 inputs, including HDMI, built-in pre-amplifier with analogue volume control, Integrated Chakra power amplifier (2 x 90 W)
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Akurate Exakt DSM
plays music from your network and any connected digital or analogue source. It transmits the digital signal perfectly to Exakt Akubarik speakers over Exakt Link to deliver exceptional audio quality only bettered by Linn’s Klimax Exakt system. Control it all with a laptop, tablet or smart phone and instantly access your digital music collection, internet radio and online content. You may notice quite a few CD players on eBay at the moment, and this wolf in sheep's clothing is part of the cause. A simple back to back demonstration of the Akurate DS player against you favourite CD player will speak for miles of research. Our best selling player eats alive CD players costing over 3 - 4 times its cost, and with no moving parts to wear out, is designed to give the user the real pleasure of music without sounding digital for many years to come. Available in black or silver finish.
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Klimax Exakt DSM
designed for those who want to hear it all, nothing goes missing with the Klimax DS. In fact the only problem with owning the Klimax DS is that every system you listen to outside of Linn's master plan will sound like hi-fi, not music. Working together with Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, Klimax Exakt DSM is a network music player which faithfully reproduces the audio from every source connected. Exakt enables perfect transmission of the signal, keeping it digital and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage – the source is in the speaker.
Control it all with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get instant access to new music and listen to any music apps, internet radio or online content.